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Funding Criteria

We are currently seeking program partners to help carry out our mission. We award the majority of our funds to U.S. 501 (c)(3) organizations and other tax-exempt organizations. Currently, we only fund individuals via these third-party tax-exempt organizations. If the needs of your organization match with our mission we would be pleased to discuss funding options for your programs/services. We seek partner organizations with a proven track record, strong leadership, clear sense of mission, high quality, dedicated staff and a strong presence within the community it serves. Organizations requesting funds must meet the following minimum requirements: 1. Have existing services and/or programs or a willingness to design new services and/or programs that targets children under six from families at or below the poverty line as determined by national or local guidelines. Exceptions may be considered for families displaced by natural disasters or in connection with disaster relief. 2. Funds must be used to subsidize childcare and/or early education services for economically disadvantaged families or improve the quality of existing childcare and/or early education services and/or programs. 3. Program must have evaluation procedures capable of measuring and reporting outcomes. As Devotion To Children (DTC) is currently a 100% volunteer organization, we rely on our partner organizations for assistance with administrative and media related activities. Partner organizations are asked to provide a press release announcing the program partnership with DTC for use in DTC’s marketing. We also welcome the opportunity for partner organizations and beneficiaries to share their experience with DTC at our annual gala and on our website. Information to Be Submitted in a Proposal If your request fits these criteria please submit the following: 1. Name of organization, name of key personnel, address, telephone number and contact information. 2. Background information on your organization including mission, current programs and accomplishments and recent brochure and/or literature. 3. Amount of funds requested a proposed budget and budget justification. Also include whether the funding is intended to be one-time or part of an on-going program. 4. Proposal, including identified needs, goals, proposed activities, numbers of children and/or families to be served, proposed activities to sustain the program and/or services and a description of the anticipated outcomes and how they will be measured and/or evaluated. 5. A brief description of how the existing/proposed programs and/or services will align with and serve DTC’s mission. 6. A brief description of how the effectiveness and outcomes of the proposed programs and/or services will be measured and reported to DTC. Please e-mail your proposal to or mail to: Devotion to Children, Inc. 2979 Westhurst Lane Oakton Virginia 22124

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